Pastor Franzo’s contact information is 715- 574-6602. Email;






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This is your church!  We have resumed the practice of having greeters at our services.  Greeters are to offer a friendly welcome to worshipers at our services.  There are many times during the year when the church needs your help.  Please consider helping with one or more of the following tasks:
Cutting the grass or shoveling snow
Helping with Sunday or Vacation Bible School
Being on a committee
Cleaning the church
Being an usher

If you are interested in any of these areas, please let Pastor Franzo know!

The Good Steward Resale Shop!
The Good Steward Resale Shop is located at 1930 Rose Street.   There is always something new at The Good Steward and purchases help many organizations (see below)  So, when you are cleaning closets or doing Spring/Fall cleaning, remember that The Good Steward is always looking for items.